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Civil Unrest and Additional Dangers CJ5 Supporting Downtown

Good Day to You.

I'm writing you in support of our fellow brother and sister deputy sheriffs that are working downtown.

We are going through multiple crisis' and during this civil unrest with the anti law enforcement rioters we are faced with a dangerous threat. We have been here faithfully for the Sheriff's Office and City throughout the COVID-19 crisis and now this civil unrest. The risk for our safety has drastically increased. On top of that, you have not provided deputy sheriffs downtown parking in a secure or semi secure area. Our lives are in danger and not only that our means of transportation is as well. The Sheriff has two parking lots under his control downtown. Our fellow brother and sisters downtown need parking and we need it now!

Please contact the Sheriff before the protests start again. We have had word that they are planning to protest at 850 Bryant St. or 425 7th Street.

Please let the Sheriff know we need parking immediately downtown for our brothers and sisters safety and the protection of their transportation.

With all due respect,

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Deputy Sheriffs\' Association Member
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