Retiree Membership Enrollment




Retiree Membership is written in our bylaws.  And now we are making it happen.  For a LIMITED TIME the one year enrollment is $70 dollars, this will increase soon!  So lock in your spot now!  Join Us!


  • Email newsletter which would keep retired members current with dept info such as range dates and locations, current events, retirement info.
  • Access to our events, discounts to paid events.
  • Access to group discount Insurance’s (Firearm/Shooting Insurance, Funeral/Burial Insurance, Health/Life Insurance )
  • Retirement Advocacy.  Example: In 2019 the DSA saved retired DSA CALPERS (prior 2019) members from paying the City money owed to them for several years of underpayment.  The total amount owed for members and retired members in CALPERS was more than 1 million dollars, approx. $2500 per CALPERS member.  The DSA negotiated the payment and obtained amnesty.  Saving you money!
  • Discounts on DSA Logo Items
  • And most of all continued membership supports the DSA fight against he city.
  • And more


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